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The Basics of Exercise and Training

January 26, 2017

In following an exercise and training regimen, it is important that certain guidelines be followed to get more effective results. Knowing about exercise and training basics will provide the basis on what and what may not be considered as good practice in the training regimen. Here are some of the general training guideline basics to keep you properly guided fitness-wise.


Cardio Exercise And Training Cardio training programs help strengthen the heart muscles as well as the lungs. Not only will such training do that, it will also help in improving a person’s endurance. Cardio training can also help the body burn calories more efficiently which in turn aids in losing weight. But not all cardio training programs can be ideal for everyone. It can usually be set per a person's personal fitness level and would vary from person to person.


But as a rule, a regular cardio training program should consist of at least 15 to 30 minutes of exercise sessions. It can either be continuous or in short bursts. Cardio training should also become a regular part of the complete fitness program at least for 3 to 5 days a week. The aim should at least get your heart to reaching 70 to 90 percent of your maximum heart rate to be effective.


Flexibility Exercise And Training. Stretching exercises to improve flexibility is considered by most fitness experts to be one of the most overlooked exercise program. A lot of people never seem to bother working on their stretching exercises thinking that it would not matter that much. But having them as part of the general fitness program can help promote better movement and improve flexibility. Flexibility exercises can also help promote better muscle relaxation after finishing up on cardio or strength work outs.


Stretching the different muscle groups should be practiced while they are warm to be effective. Stretching exercises can be done after doing some warm-up exercises or even after the whole fitness and exercise program. Stretching the muscles is especially good when focused on commonly tight muscle areas like the hamstring and the lower back. These exercises can be done for at least two to three times a week although its daily practice would also be suggested. Stretching exercises should be done within your full range of motion. The right stretching exercises would feel comfortable and would not feel painful.


Strength Exercise And Training. Strength training involves both working with body weight exercises and resistance exercise such as free weights to strengthen the muscles, bones and the connective tissues surrounding them. Strength training builds up muscles, help increase body metabolism and reduce body fat.


The usual strength exercise and training comprises of at least 6 to 10 exercises, each focusing on the different major muscle groups of the body. Building up strength and the muscles in the lower back, shoulders, chest, and the arms can be achieved with at least 5 to 15 repetitions for each set of the exercises. Muscle groups can be build up for two to three days each week. But it should not be consecutive to allow much needed rest periods. Proper form is also important in doing the exercises to avoid injury.


The use of a Personal Trainer can be beneficial to individual. Personal Trainers help you avoid injuries, teach you proper form, make you work harder than you would on your own and keep you accountable. Things to look for in Personal Trainers 1) Certification 2) continuing education 3) a proper intake not just a tour & sale 4) 1 on 1 sessions so you’re the focus 5) proper records of your workouts 6) That the trainer does not get easily distracted. 



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